IMG_1659This is a collection if pictures from a Grinder in a Box v2.0 build. The kit can be purchased from Polar Bear Forge. All the main grinder parts are laser cut from a 1/2″ piece of steel and shipped in a Priority Mail Box. All the other components including the motor, wheels, variable frequency drive, wiring, gas shock, aluminum work arms, work rest, grinder stand, handles, nuts bolts and all other hardware have to be purchased separately.

Constructing this kit will require at least you have a decent drill press and tap sizesĀ  1/2″-13 and 1/4″-20. For construction of the work arms and work rest you will need to the raw materials, as well as the drill bits required to drill the proper size holes prior to tapping where I also used 5/16″-18″ and 3/8″-16 taps. All of the holes in the basic kit have been cut for you, but you will need to tap some of them. You will also have to drill the hole in the tracking idler block. The kits does not come with the materials to construct a platen or platen attachment brackets and I highly suggest you add a high temperature glass (pyroceram) face to your metal platen. This will give you a much flatter surface to grind on. This build used 1-1/2″ solid square aluminum tubing for the work arms (no included with the kit). By adding extra arms, it makes it easy to switch out from a flat platen to a 8″-10″ contact wheel, or a small wheel holding attachment.

You can find the complete assembly instructions here.

Here is Polar Bear Forge’s list of suggested hardware, but be advised you will be better of to measure and buy as you go, as I found I wanted to add washers on a lot of the fasteners and the lengths given in the list did not allow for this.

Motor used: Iron Horse 1-1/2 HP 3ph 1750 RPM.

VFD used: KBAC -27-D

Wheels used: Set purchased from vwjackstraw on ebay. Very reasonable cost great quality. I highly recommend these wheels. This build utilizes a 5″ drive wheel.

A 60# gas shock was used on this build and while it’s not easy to load, the extra tension helps with tracking.

One mod that was found necessary to make was to extend the upright support so that using the gas shock you are able to get the tracking arm horizontal with the belt running from the drive wheel to the bottom platen wheel. to achieve this, I made a new 1/2″ thick upright piece that measures 14-1/2″ from the bottom to the center of the top hole. For more of an explanation on why this is necessary, watch this video.















































































The Finished 2″x72″ Grinder in a Box v2.0




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