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Kickstand choices for the Long Haul TruckerThe stock Surly Long Haul trucker does not come equipped with a kickstand. One has to wonder why the manufacturer would exclude such a handy item. Well, Surly’s engineers designed the LHT’s chain stays to optimize strength needed for hauling touring gear long distances while minimizing torsional flex in the rear triangle. The chain stays are not designed to withstand the clamping forces of a traditional add on kickstand. They also decided not to add a mounting plate under the stays as the weld heat created from adding a plate is not desirable in such a structurally sensitive area of the frame. While using thicker walled tubing for the stays would have provided the strength needed for a kickstand mount, it would have a negative impact on ride quality. Surly warns that adding a clamp on style kickstand is not the best idea as it can crush the chain stays and ruin the structural integrity of your frame.

It’s possible to get by without a kickstand by leaning your bike up buildings, light poles and such, or worst case scenario, laying the bike down on it’s side. This poses the question, what do you do in the times when there is nothing to lean your bike up against and the ground is muddy or sandy? I’ve found the best solution is a light weight device called a click-stand.

Surly Long Haul Trucker with Click-StandThe Click-Stand is a 5 piece aluminum rod with a u shaped cradle that goes under your top tube. You lock your brakes using Click-Stand’s elastic brake locks forming a very secure tripod with your bike that allows you to park it upright in any location.

Click-Stand parking brakes

Click-Stand Parking Brake

The Click-Stands works great at holding your touring bike while you load and unload your panniers to your racks. It’s light weight, 8 inches long when folded and stores nicely in your handlebar bag. It can also be purchased with a handy mounting bracket that allows you to carry it next your your water bottle.

Don’t take the chance of crushing the chainstays, or damaging your beautiful touring bike, keep your rig light and add a Click-Stand to your touring gear list.

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