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Brooks B68 Black Leather Saddle with Crome WrenchHaving made leather topped saddles since 1866, the B68 saddle is one of the newer models of saddles produced by Brooks England LTD. The leather top is shaped the same as the traditional B66 model, but without the spring suspension frame making it a lighter saddle at 530g. The B68 is designed for bicycles with a more upright riding style such as commuter, comfort or any bike with a full suspension system. With a length of 260mm and a width of 205mm, it is slightly wider than what you would find on a typical road bike and works well for riders that have wide sit bones. You can measure the distance between your sit bones by putting a piece of paper on a padded kitchen chair and sitting on it. Your sit bones will make an impression that can then be measured.

The B68 is also available in the imperial model that had a center cut out to relieve pressure on the perineal area and the “S” model that is shorter as designed for women. It is available in standard black and an aged brown leather top. Your New Brooks B68 will come with a chrome plated wrench for use in adjusting the tension of the nose of the frame as the top stretches.

Brooks B-68 Top

B68 Top View

Brooks B68 bottom view

B68 Bottom View

The video below show the un-boxing of a Brooks B68 Saddle purchased through Amazon:

The Instructions included with the Brooks B-68 Bicycle Saddle:



Maintenance & Care. Make Your Saddle Last.
Leather is a natural material, which will provide lasting comfort, coolness in hot weather, style and durability. If you read and follow these simple indications your saddle will adapt itself to you and retain it’s support and comfort.

A new saddle should be treated with Brooks Proofhide Leather Dressing to help to assist the “break-in” process. Proofhide helps to keep the leather supple as it is carefully formulated from special ingredients to condition, preserve and shower proof your saddle. Proofhide needs to be applied to the under side of the saddle and in this case it should be left on. Apply very little Proofhide on the top to the finished side of the leather. Allow the Proofhide to permeate until dry and then polish off with a cloth to avoid getting it on your clothes. Proofhide must not be applied to the upper side of the Aged Saddles. This Leather Dressing should be used several times during the “break-in” period and every few months thereafter. Brooks Proodhide is the only substance that should be used to care for your saddle.

leather is a natural material and its stiffness can vary within different parts of the same leather bend and between different bends. Small marks, minor scratches and differences in colour are not to be considered leather defects. The leather gets its colour during the tanning process and it is possible, therefore, that some colour residues will remain. Avoid riding your saddle with white or light coloured slacks. It is recommended to polish the saddle with a cotton cloth before first use. You should protect your leather saddle from moisture with a saddle cover. If a wet saddle is ridden the colour may stain your clothing. Allow your wet saddle to dry naturally.

Never tension a wet saddle, nor apply Proofhide to it. Correct leather tension will ensure your saddle retains its shape and comfort. To tension the leather top, turn the nose bolt nut 90 degrees at a time, check tension. You can use the tension spanner or an Allen key to do this, depending on the saddle model. Over-tensioning a saddle will stretch the leather fibers and may damage their structure. Little tension and not very often is the key. Remember, once the end of the nose bolt is reached, the saddle can no longer be tensioned. Please note that Brooks Aged And BrooksImperial Saddles should break-in faster and could need to be tensioned more often if you compare them with the other Brooks Heritage Saddles. Brooks Aged and Brooks Imperial Saddles are delivered with a lace to allow the tensioning of the flaps. The lace should always be tied to prevent premature sagging of the leather.

Brooks produces a range of saddles varing from road racing saddles to heavy duty saddles in various colours with single, double and even triple wires. Whilst single rail saddles can be used with a micro-adjust seat post, remember that with double and triple rail saddles the clip provided should always be used, as this supports the saddle and rider, correctly preventing premature breakage to the rails.

SADDLE ADJUSTMENT Comfort Starts From Here.
The rider’s comfort will depend to a much greater extent then is generally imagined, upon the correct adjustment of the saddle on the machine. The great thing to bear in mind is that, to obtain comfort and immunity from injurious pressure, the weight must be carried by the broad part of the saddle.The peak should carry as little weight as possible. The nose is mainly intended to ensure a steady and secure seat, which a peakless saddle would not do. By attention to the following hints the correct position should be readily attained. The saddle should be placed:

  1. just sufficiently behind the crank-axle to allow the rider to sit upon the broad part of the saddle, while riding, without being pulled forward on the peak by the onward thrust of the leg:
  2. With the peak positioned just high enough to prevent the rider from slipping forward; this is normally attained when the surface of the saddle is parallel to the ground:
  3. Just low enough to enable the rider to reach the pedals comfortably all round, without even a suspicion of stretching after them.

LIFETIME SERVICE. Spare Parts and Repair
Some breakages of Brooks Saddles can be repaired by your authorized bicycle mechanic, others need to be carried out by the Brooks Craftsmen. Not every failure can be repaired, but if the leather top of your saddle is formed and good condition, chances are we can save you the cost of buying a new saddle and having to break-in a new top. On the Brooks website yo can find all Spare Parts listed and you can buy them or ask your dealer to do it, but remember that for safety reasons Brooks England Ltd urges you to carry out the repair by your authorizedbicycle mechanic.

GUARANTEE. Register at
Brooks saddles are handmade in England and are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase against defects in manufacture ormaterials. If yo have a claim under this guarantee, you should return the saddle to the place of purchase along with your proof of purchase.Should you be afraid to lose your proof of purchase we suggest you to register at This will allow us and your bcycle dealer to prove when your saddle was bought and to receive the Brooks Production CodeBrooks Newsletter to be updated on new products, services, events, etc. In order to register you need to know the production lot of your saddle. It is a 3 digit code which is stamped on the bottom of the leather top. This code is a sequence of “number,letter,number”, as shown in the picture. You also need to enter the date, the place of purchase and some additional information.Brooks England Ltd. will not accept claims due to crashes, accidentsor low saddle maintenance and care, as in the common case of cyclists who forgot to tension their saddles and end up sitting on the metal structure.

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