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Screen Stretching

The ideal screen print is made with a tightly stretched screen over a aluminum frame. This is best accomplished by using a roller frame such as Newman or Diamond Chase. The downfall to this is the high cost. The next best solution would be buying prestretched screens but if you are looking for the cheapest way to produce screens, you can make your own frames from 2×2 lumber and stretch the screen by hand. Start with a frame made from clean tight grainded wood, birch or pine on the soft side of woods or any type hardwood. Give the frame a couple coats of sanding sealer to waterproof it and after it’s dry follow the directions below to stretch your screen by hand.

Manual of How to Stretch a Screen by Hand Graphic

The key to getting a good crisp screen print is having a tight screen that quickly rebound off the surface of the t-shirt after the squeegee has passed over it. This requires that the screen be tight. While not easy to achieve tight screenx stretched by hand it can be done with practice.

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