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Conversation Starter

Conversation Starter

Most Etsy shop owners create their product listings by writing a brief description, adding keyword tags, uploading their images and then waiting for Etsy’s search engine to drive traffic to their shop. The problem with this strategy is that with the tremendous influx of new sellers and product listings, as soon as you list an item it begins to fall down the list of search results and in no time at all it is buried way deeper than most shoppers are willing to search. This is especially so in categories that are over saturated such as jewelry.

As a fix for this, you can re-list items well before they expire to keep them at the top of the search list. I have seen shopkeepers that do this daily, but you have to be careful. The cost of frequent re-listing can accumulate very quickly and be quite expensive.

We all know that getting your business cards in people’s hands is a great way to drum up business and you should give one to everyone you meet but this can be difficult to do. Wearing the featured button will make it much easier and will actually have potential customers asking you about your shop with out you saying a word. This is a great way to get a conversation started about your business without being intrusive. Just think how how great it will be to have everyone you run across ask you about your shop, the grocery checkout girl, a salesman, any other parents at daycare, the list is endless. Wearing this button puts your shop promotion on automatic and soon hits to your site will turn into sales.

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